The Evolution of CAPTCHA

Gone are the days when you had to type in a few jumbled letters and numbers to access a site or profile, because that test doesn't seem to trick the bots anymore. It's not totally a bad thing because in retrospect, I actually sucked at decoding the jumbled letters. I used to confuse the zeros with alphabet 'O' and vice versa. Same with number one and 'l'. And as if that wasn't enough they started adding squiggly lines and eliminating the spaces between the letters!

When life gives you lemon seeds…

'We can leave early today.' Those words meant as much joy as winning an Oscar's is to an actor. Or actress. This is a non sexist blog. My colleagues and I used to often crib about not getting enough time to hang out at bars or have dinner parties like they portray in those really cool sitcoms. This felt like an auspicious moment to do just that. But somehow, collectively, we were all fantasizing how it would be to just make it to home early.