Karma is a witch

It usually goes Karma is a B****. But given how Karma can wave her magic wand and bite you back any moment she wants I would like to call her a Witch. Because, a witch she is. Vile and cunning, but justified; making you think your evil plans are on the winning side, when in … Continue reading Karma is a witch

When life gives you lemon seeds…

'We can leave early today.' Those words meant as much joy as winning an Oscar's is to an actor. Or actress. This is a non sexist blog. My colleagues and I used to often crib about not getting enough time to hang out at bars or have dinner parties like they portray in those really cool sitcoms. This felt like an auspicious moment to do just that. But somehow, collectively, we were all fantasizing how it would be to just make it to home early.

A Linguaphile’s love story(s)

It's not easy being in a relationship. I realized this truth when I started learning a new language. Okay, I agree it is not the same thing. But I can list out a bunch of similarities that will make you think otherwise. Oh, and this is just a fanciful and dramatized comparison. I'm aware of the fact that the scale of impact in both the cases is not comparable, obviously.