The Bermuda Triangle of ideas and other stuff

Is it okay to write a blog about not being able to write a blog?

In the past two years that I had taken a break from blogging, there were tons of instances when I thought ‘Huh, that would be a fun experience to write about.’ But now that I’m actually staring at my tab, that’s all I’m able to do. Stare at my tab.

Its just like when you are looking for a hair clutch but finding a missing sock instead, or vice versa.

I had even started writing about a particular thing but then one thing led to another and when I paused to proofread, I was no longer sure what I was writing about. This has happened so often that I can find more blogs in my ‘Drafts’ section than in the ‘Published’ one. Some of them are just cryptic titles that I can NOT make sense of! I probably thought they were great ideas back then, but now they just look like scribbled pages from a dream journal. My fascination with word play that I some times try to employ in my blog titles makes matters only worse.

All I just want is to be able to write when I want to write, sketch when I want to sketch, and find a hair clutch when I want to tie my darned hair up.

Turns out the solution for my writing problem was staring right back at me all this while.

‘Add title’ and ‘Start writing…’ said the WordPress new post page.

So I did.

Same goes for sketching or any other activity, I suppose. Start doing it, and whether it is perfect or ridden with flaws, eventually you accomplish what you want.

Except for that missing hair clutch or sock.

They have built themselves a selective Bermuda triangle in your own house, and you’ll NEVER find them when you need them.

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