Begin again. And again, and again..

Its been suuuuch a long time since I last ‘blogged’.

Quick life update since my previous post (back in 2018) – my exams went well; I started working as an Interior Designer which pretty much means you have very little time for a social life, let alone blogging. But still, I met a guy, got engaged, was just about to get married when covid-19 happened and we had to go ahead with a court marriage; moved to another country; and just yesterday heard from another blogger friend about the January blogathon and thought – ‘Uh well, I might as well🤷‍♀️’

What a year 2021 has been! Shooting surprises every now and then – some pleasant, some totally unasked for. Well, whom am I kidding? Most of the things sprung on us were absolutely unasked for.

As much as I would love to lament about what a horrible year it has been worldwide because let’s be honest, we all do love ourselves some unfiltered cribbing (and this year has given plenty of reasons), the fact is that this year has been personally productive. I ended up taking up an unplanned break from work as I had quit my job to prepare for my wedding and the big move to the UK. While at times there was this big uncertainty looming, I ended up using the endless amount of spare time I had on hand to learn new things or pursue interests that I already had but ‘didnt have to time’ to engage in.

I learned baking! I always used to avoid eating baked stuff outside because of certain dietary preferences I have. Now I can almost perfectly bake cakes without Refined flour (maida) and sugar.

I started painting and sketching more often. I also started improving my design skills, and finally got working on making my portfolio better.

Finished reading quite a lot of books too, including one that I had started almost 3 years ago! Not sure if I should go with the ‘got no time’ excuse, or if it was a fairly boring book, but the feeling of accomplishment had me pining for more and I obsessed about books for a while there.

Then there was the Inktober. For about 3 days precisely.

I started an Instagram page for my dad’s woodworking, which inspired me to start a page for my own artwork too. Am I active on any of these platforms? Not really. But you have got to start somewhere, right?

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I might have a little problem with consistency. As a person who gets distracted super quick, that should be no surprise. Its always been an All or Nothing kind of a thing with me. Maybe this year I could aim for Consistency. No big deal. Just a single resolution.

Now I’m off to do a January blogathon – one post daily, probably along with my own artwork or illustrations. We’ll get to witness how this new year resolution is going to pan out.

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