The Art of Deprioritizing

So, the last time I posted a blog was almost 10 months ago. Ever since, I’ve been too busy to get my brain to spare some time for typing something new. Busy doing what? Well, let’s see – I quit my job, changed my career and started doing something that makes me happy (Yayy), which only sounds dreamy and great (which it kinda is) but involves a lot of  perseverance, hard-work and all the other fancy nouns that they make an overzealous coach say to his team in a sports movie. But, I wasn’t soooo busy also that I couldn’t binge watch the latest seasons of Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, Mindhunter, Brooklyn Nine Nine.. you get the gist, right?

I kept telling myself and few really really nice people who asked about my blogs (By few, I mean literally 4. Yes, I kept count.) that it’s a blogger’s block, IF I can call myself a blogger, that is. Sporadic blogger, maybe? But it was just my brain being a sloth. Why post now, you ask? Oh, because I have an exam tomorrow and that’s when it gets super festive inside my head and ideas start pouring out. Honestly, there are so many things I want to do now (except study) that it’s hard to decide what to do. I have had several to-do lists piling up since ages and I’m trying to accomplish them now, like RIGHT NOW, as if the world is going to end tomorrow. Once the exams are done, I’m positive my brain will develop selective amnesia and get back to being a sloth.

To-do list? What’s that? Time to Netflix and Chill.

You see, the brain is shrewd when it comes to making such decisions. It chooses the relatively fun activity and never the one that’s going to make an actual difference in your life.

Study for exam or Make peanut butter?
Make peanut butter!

Study for exam or Clean your cupboard that you haven’t bothered to in the past year.
Clean the cupboard, and while you are at it, make hand-drawn calendars for the next 6 months.

Study for exam or Write a blog?
Write a blog, of course. It’s obviously more crucial to remove that blogger’s block right now than to study for an exam. Duh.

And well, here we are.

I feel there are three ways people deal with exams – three types of people and how they deal with exams, to be precise.

  • Type one, those who study.
  • Type two, those who indulge in food and sleep.
  • Type three, those who start planning to build a Pirate themed amusement park with their friend or get more involved in doing household chores or become uncharacteristically overactive on social media.

I am Type three. Always and Forever. *Heart emoji*

One relief though is that the exam I have tomorrow is purely a design exam. So, basically nothing to study. Maybe I can cook something elaborate after this. Still got all the time in the world today.

Oh, Happy World Book Day BTW!!


P.S. :

  1. It feels incomplete if I don’t add a ‘P.S.’ It’s become a thing now.
  2. Opening a Pirate themed amusement park OR a very fun ‘learn while you play’ Kindergarten school were two things that my friend and I used to often talk about  during engineering exams. Until she ditched me and became a lawyer instead. But I do find comfort in the fact that if I ever need a lawyer in the future, I’ve got that covered.
  3.  Cabbage photography (another thing more fun than studying) and Lame rhymes as the featured image, because, why the hell not?




2 thoughts on “The Art of Deprioritizing

  1. Exams bring out the best in any person 😎And your blogs my dear friend bring out a good laugh.
    PS: you can consider becoming a poet as well 😝

    Liked by 1 person

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